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Reputable United States breeder of quality Standard Poodles, Parti Standard Poodles, Sable Standard Poodles, Phantom Standard Poodles, registered
with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Standard Poodles for sale in the United States and Canada. Purebred Poodle Puppies.                          
References always available on request.
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Litter News and Updates!
Gem's Precious Jewel Jade and she is a jewel.
Jade LOVES the water can jump and leap like no
other. She is a black and silver phantom. She is a
smaller standard weighing 45 lbs standing 24" tall
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Please make sure you have
researched the breed before
purchasing a puppy. Please read
over our guarantee as well!

Ava our little sweet granddaughter with teacup puppies!
Do not forget to check out our sister site at
if it is something a little smaller you are looking for!

Ken, Jerilynn and family Owner / Breeder
(Jerilynn) 208-431-2438
First and foremost healthy happy puppies with great dispositions,
and then comes the Beauty in these adorable little GEMS!
Gem's chocolate covered emerald dream "Emmy"
Emmy is our dark chocolate girl who is amazing at retrieving and has
no fear of water! She is a very intense dog and will be our new bird
hunting dog. She has the drive and we are so excited!
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Gem's Fiery Chocolate Covered Pearl. Pearl Girl is a
ball of fire and always looking to play even when
her doggy friends are tired! We love her Fiery
personality! She is a chocolate phantom.
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A good breeder studies the pedigrees and attributes of
generations of dogs before ever making a breeding decision. Such
dedication is not immediately apparent the day a litter of
puppies is born. But all that unseen work pays enormous
dividends down the road when the puppies turn into beautiful
adults with correct temperament and structure."
-Sheila Goffe, Director, AKC
Teresa who is my very special friend specializes in the
most beautiful phantom colored standard poodles! She
is a honest and reputable breeder.

We are a water loving outdoor family
that loves to camp, hike, hunt and fly fish
with our poodles right at our side.
Not your Fu Fu dog.
UPDATED 3-23-15

Gem's Smokey Sable Quartz Emmett
Emmett our love bug big boy weighs 90 lbs standing 27"
tall. He is a beautiful phantom sable with a wonderful
personality! He sure loves Ken.
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Meet our Crew!
This is Gemma. She is co~owned with my very good friend Teresa at
Dittos standard poodles. Gemma puts a smile on my face. Her
personality reminds me a lot of our Emmy. Such great drive and
wants to please.
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Gem State Standard Poodles
Welcome to our site!
research our bloodlines and pedigrees to ensure we are getting the most sound dog. Our standard
poodles and any other dog we may fall in love with like the St. berdoodles have a barn that we have
turned into a cozy kennel for practical breeding reasons. Any responsible breeder would agree with
that. They spend more time running, playing and inside our home then inside the kennel.  
When the puppies get to the playful puppy stage they have a room with a doggy
door and a fenced in yard that they can play in. We spend alot of time cleaning
the puppies sleeping area of any messes they make. They do not like to sleep
where they potty so if we do our part and keep their area nice and clean they in
return do their part and potty outside. The puppies will be using the doggy door
to go potty and play by the time they are ready for their new homes. Puppies
leave at 8 weeks of age with a health check from our vet!
We breed these exceptional dogs to be your very best friend, a family member to
love, a hunting dog, a therapy and or service dog. We breed for personality,
temperament, confirmation, health (we do love the colors), but first and
foremost healthy puppies! We love the solid chocolates, blacks, phantoms, and
sables. We will get parti-colors on occasion as well.
I do the grooming myself and of coarse it has been a long process of being self
taught. I do my own plucking of the ears, bathing and our dogs wear a  very
short cut (body # 7, feet and face # 10 or 40) due to our lifestyle. Some of our
pictures we have taken may be after a groom job and most of them are of our
everyday life. I absolutely love where we live I feel so blessed to live in a area
where we can take our dogs to a stream or creek to play or just in the desert for
a long run as they to find something to chase.
Anyone can make a neat website that is why we always welcome you to our
home and are honest way of living! We try to represent our site in the most
honest way! We welcome you to meet our dogs, our family and just how we live!
Specializing in Distinguished
Sables, phantoms, partis and chocolates!
red parti boy he. He is outgoing and loves to play.
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Xena our 150 lb 30" gentle giant! Xena
has a wonderful personality is full of
energy and I have to admit is Ken's girl.
She loves him
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Ellie our 14 year old farm dog. We call
her grandma. She is a Jack Russell and
you will see her in a lot of our photos.
Trey my 13 year old bee keeper. He got
these hives this past spring 2014.
Planned Fall 2015 litters.
We are undecided if we will do a fall breeding and if we end
up doing a litter it will be with Jade and Duke.
Dr. Betsy Adams our vet!
Emmy x Emmett
TAKING DEPOSITS! Only 2 little girls left for adoption.
DOB  2/25/15
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I just want to give you an update on Chanel. After the rabbit and
chickens incident. My husband wanted me to find another home. Well, I
could not part from her. I decided that I would do some intense
therapy. What I did was attach a leash to her and connect it to my belt
loop. She was with me 24/7. I only had to do that for 2 days. She
ended up following me all by herself.

She has been the most AMAZING dog I have ever owned. She is mine
and Aaden's best friend. I don't know what I would do with out her.
She was the hit at the local Buddy Walk (Down syndrome awareness)
last year.

She goes every where with me and is so extremely well behaved. All of
Aaden's therapist are in love with her.

She draws attention every where we go. Just yesterday the UPS man
asked to take her picture. :)

I just can't thank you enough for creating such an amazing dog!!!!!!!

Trisha and Aaden Vranish
Pearl x Emmett
DOB  3/1/15
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Saint Berdoodle
Saint Berdoodle
Happy Easter!